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USB Bootloader Pro is designed to be simple for both developers and end users to use. It is also designed to be simple to deploy to end users, to allow easy product upgrades in the field.  Let's have a look at the files we have provided.

BLPro_2550.hex is the image of the bootloader itself, which you will program into the device at the factory.  You would NOT deploy this file to your end user.

The files BLPro.exe, BL.ini, and Logo.bmp are associated with the actual PC program (BLPro.exe) that the end user runs on his PC, in order to upgrade his product.

The file AryTst5_2550.hex is a sample project that we will program into a device.  You would deploy to your end user a similar hex file containing the actual code for your own product, in addition to the 3 files BLPro.exe, BL.ini, and Logo.bmp (or Logo.jpg or Logo.gif).  For best results, all 4 files should be placed the same clean new directory on the end user's PC.   


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