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Now that we have modified the layout for our new project and have generated code for it, let's take a look at the directories again, using Windows Explorer.

Our old project directory was named Partial\ and our new project directory is named Multi\ . You can see that TCPmaker created some subdirectories beneath each of these project directories, each of which contains a lot of files.

For both project directories, the subdirectory that we are concerned with is the


subdirectory.  This is where our MPLAB project files reside, and where we find the source code files that TCPmaker has specifically generated for your particular project.

In order to copy "real I/O" code into our new project, we will now use Beyond Compare 3 in a different way: to compare whole directory trees.  As we'll see in the next few screen shots, first we will right click on the TCPmaker directory (arrow 1) in the old Partial project, and on the popup menu that comes up, we will click menu item "Select Left Folder for Compare."

Then, we'll right click on the TCPmaker subdirectory (arrow 2) in the new Multi project, and on the popup menu that comes up, we'll click on menu item Compare to "TCPmaker".  That will bring up Beyond Compare 3 showing a side by side comparison of two whole directory trees.




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