How To Use Screenbook® Visual Tutorials

About the Screenbook Format

You are viewing the help file for a Screenbook visual tutorial. The Screenbook format consists of pages of screenshots with short text descriptions. The standard Screenbook format also includes a table of contents, a thumbnail navigation page, and other features.

Screenbook tutorials are grouped into Screenbook Bookshelves: collections of Screenbooks with common navigation features and full text search.

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Keyboard Navigation

Screenbooks can be navigated with the keyboard:

The Screenbook Navigation Bar

In page view, a Screenbook tutorial has a set of menu items at the top of the page:

Viewing Screenbook Screenshot Images

The Screenbook format uses full-screen screenshots. Full-screen shots are easier to understand than partial screenshots. The standard Screenbook format displays these screenshot images at a size of 640 x 480 pixels.

The screenshot image may however, be of a screen of any size. If the original screen capture was of a 1024 x 768 screen, needless to say, the image must be resized in order to fit the image in the 640 x 480 pixel space. In all browsers but Internet Explorer, this will cause the image to be somewhat less clear, since a shrunken image is being displayed. However, when viewing a Screenbook with these browsers, you can click on the image to popup a full-sized image of the screen.

When viewing a page with a screenshot in Internet Explorer, the Screenbook format displays the screenshot differently than in other browsers. Rather than showing an image which has been resized and having a link to the full-sized image, the Screenbook page shows the full-sized image in the smaller space using a special component built in to Internet Explorer. This component does not simply shrink the picture, but actually redraws the lines in the picture so that text and other lines still appear clearly. In Internet Explorer you can also set the default screenshot size that will show in the page. The screenshot can be shrunken or enlarged with virtually no loss in clarity.

If you are viewing a Screenbook using Internet Explorer, it is recommended that you enlarge the image to fit your monitor or otherwise suit your viewing prerefence. You can set the image size using this form:

Set Screenshot Width (IE Only):

Screenbook Fonts You can change the Screenbook font size and face by using this form:

Font Face

Use Arial Font
Use Verdana Font
Use Courier Font
Use Times New Roman Font

Font Size

Font Size 9pt
Font Size 10pt
Font Size 11pt
Font Size 12pt
Font Size 14pt

The Screenbook Home Page

Screenbooks are created with a program called Screenbook Maker. Screenbook Maker automates the process of creating screenshots, associating text to the screenshots, creating books of linked web pages and building Knowledge Management features such as indexes, tables of contents, and full text search.

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