New Enhanced HIDmaker FS 2 for 8-bit USB PIC Processors

Get Your USB HID project running FAST... as little as 10 minutes!



Enhanced in HIDmaker FS 2!  All PIC side code generators UPGRADED for latest compilers and development environments.

Quickly develop powerful USB HID projects for 8-bit USB-capable processors from Microchip, using compilers from Microchip and others. HIDmaker FS 2 uses a combination of high level language code in the parts of the project that you work with, with fast assembly language for the USB libraries that you should leave alone.  This gives you better performance, and more choices for programming languages & compilers for your PIC code!


Enhanced in HIDmaker FS 2!  All PC Side Code Generators UPGRADED for Latest Compilers.

Generate CUSTOM source code for YOUR favorite PC compilers, and use their latest features and capabilities, including new frameworks, styling of your project's PC program, 64-bit and 32-bit compile targets, and more.  Give your project a powerful, easy to use, great looking PC side front end, that will captivate your customers!

Microsoft Compilers:

Embarcadero (Formerly Borland) Compilers:


Enhanced in HIDmaker FS 2!  New version 1.4 of HIDagent

  HIDagent makes it possible for HIDmaker's PC code to be easy to understand and use. Important HIDagent enhancements and fixes.


Want to be able to work with 32-bit and 16-bit PIC devices too?  Learn about new HIDmaker 32 v2 here.


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Quickly make CUSTOM , ready to compile and run USB HID class source code, for your next project!  MATCHED code, made at the same time for both PC and PIC device, that sends data that YOU defined, and written for YOUR FAVORITE COMPILERS .


Get an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over your competitors, with HIDmaker FS 2 !  Gets your USB HID project running, and communicating YOUR custom data, in as little as 10 minutes!  Pays for itself in 1 day!


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