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The topmost item on the Program menu, Program, allows you to program your device in a single click, depending on the settings in the Options menu. (We'll look at the Options menu on the next page.) 

Other menu items are:

Verify - after programming your device, read the device and verify that the firmware exactly matches the code that we intended to program into the device.

Read - Read the code that is currently in the device, and display it in hex.

Blank Check - Determine if the device is blank.

Erase - If device is not blank, then erase it.

Get Target Information - Read the Device ID of the processor that is in the device, and see if it matches the Target ID in BL.ini.

Get Bootloader Version - Read and display bootloader version, location, and size.

Run Program - Disabled in this screen shot because we haven't programmed the device yet, but when we have done so, this starts the new firmware running in the device.


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