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This screen shot shows the default memory ranges in the device that will be programmed by USB Bootloader Pro.  If a particular memory range is  not checked, then even if the hex file contains data to be programmed into that memory range, BLPro.exe will not send that data to the device, so that part of the device's memory will not be changed.

Program memory - This is the part of the PIC processor's Flash program memory space where programs are stored. 

ID memory - this is a small, separate address range in the PIC processor that is often used to hold serial numbers.

Configuration Memory : Caution! -- Caution! -- Caution! -- Caution! -- Caution!
This range controls things like oscillator settings, that apply to the bootloader as well as to the firmware being programmed by the bootloader.  Changing the oscillator settings can render your bootloader inoperative.  Use extreme caution when enabling this memory range, or you may have to reprogram your device with a device programmer.

EEPROM memory - this is a small memory range that is usually used to hold device settings, and is often programmed by the firmware program itself.  Enable this range to intialize this memory with useful values and data structures. 



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