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In summary, TCPmaker Visual Page Designer's reports are provided to help you get useful information about your TCPmaker layout, and to keep track of the Variables and Controls you have created:

  • Use the Item List report to get a quick summary of what Variables and Controls you have created, and on which page of your layout a particular Control can be found.  It can help you avoid confusion concerning whether a particular Control is only found on a particular page of your layout, as opposed to being part of the Master Template (and therefore being displayed on multiple pages).
  • Use the Full Report to see, and print or save, a complete record of all the properties of all the Variables and Controls you have created for your layout.
  • Use either the "Controls and the Variables They Use" report or the "Variables and the Controls That Use Them" report to get an idea if your layout is finished yet: for example, is every Variable associated with at least one Control?
  • Use the Summary Info report to get an idea of how many Input and how many Output data items you have defined, to help remind you if you have defined all the data items that you originally intended.
  • Use the Current Errors report to get more information about an error condition, or to look for warning messages.



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