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Before we do anything, let's use Windows Explorer to look at the directory tree that TCPmaker generated in the new project directory we created for our project.

Arrow 1 shows that we named our project directory PDN2Copy.  Underneath that is a directory called PIC, and under that, there are 4 subdirectory trees, one for each of 4 compilers that we generated code for. 

Arrow 2 shows that we are currently interested in the MCHP_C18 directory tree, which holds the code that was generated for Microchip's C18 compiler.  (We are interested in running our project on a Microchip PICDEM.net2 demo board.)

In this directory tree, the Microchip directory contains all the files for the Microchip TCP-IP Stack.  We won't need to modify those.

The directory we have highlighted and pointed at with arrow 2 is the TCPmaker subdirectory. This contains the generated code, the instruction file ReadMe.txt, and the MPLAB project file.


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