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TCPmaker projects are guaranteed to work as they were generated, or we will make it right.

However, the code that TCPmaker generates does not do any hardware dependent I/O other than that needed to run the Microchip TCPIP Stack, so you must add at least a little bit of code to light up LEDs, read ADC channels, and so on.  If your application is complex, though, you may need to add a fair amount of your own code in order to implement your application fully.

We have already discussed the fact that the Microchip TCPIP Stack, and TCPmaker’s software on top of it, both use Cooperative Multi-Tasking.  That means that if you add some code of your own that breaks the rules, perhaps by waiting in a wait loop for some time consuming mechanical movement to complete in your application, then you might bring the whole process to a screeching halt under some circumstances.

In general, mistakes will happen during a development process, so TCPmaker Pro provides a diagnostic tool called mtDebug.exe, which makes it very simple to see the traffic going between your TCPmaker device and the display in your PC browser. 



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