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Our TCPmaker customers really appreciate our beautiful screen controls, the easy way that they can connect data items to those screen controls, and how TCPmaker generates simple code to send that data to and from those screen controls.

Customers love TCPmaker for three main reasons:


Reason #1: " Direct Transfer of Variables " Technology

As with HIDmaker, our exclusive Direct Transfer of Variables technology gives you the power to get your project done fast, while keeping it easy to understand, customize, and maintain. Define variables with names that are meaningful to you, and let TCPmaker use those variables as named shipping containers.

TCPmaker takes care of the packing and unpacking of these data items at each end, and frees you from low level layout and coding drudgery.  At last, you can think and work at a higher level, and let TCPmaker handle the details for you.


Reason #2: Drag and Drop Visual Page Designer

TCPmaker 's Visual Page Designer lets you design professional looking pages, containing attractive interactive web ready screen controls, with a simple Drag and drop design environment.  Setting up the transfer of data items is really simple, too: just associate a variable with one or more controls, which you do simply by selecting a variable from a drop down list on the control's Propery Page.

The TCPmaker way is so much easier than struggling with HTML.  No CSS surprises. No need to learn Javascript and Ajax . And you can even test your layout in your browser, before you even load your code into your microcontroller!



BigOpenQuote2The president of my company absolutely loved the look of even a simple display using TCPmaker's Adobe Flash, and he cannot wait to field new products using your approach.BigCloseQuote2

John Markland

Control Technology, Inc




Reason #3: It Writes Your Code


TCPmaker generates code for you, to wire all the controls and variables together, and to send the data to and from the device with a simple code framework that is easy to understand and work with.

And there is no PC programming at all!


See For Yourself What Our Customers Have Accomplished With TCPmaker

We're really proud of what our customers have been able to achieve. They have used TCPmaker to create attractive, interactive multi-page web layouts to control their device.  TCPmaker generated initial PIC side source code for their products (see links below).  They were  able to customize the PIC software on both sides to make the device do what they want, and to respond to the variable change commands sent from the PC browser.

They didn't do any PC programming at all, since TCPmaker doesn't require it.

Have a look at the impressive projects they have made by clicking on the links below:


  • Control Technology, Inc. makes ruggedized power supplies for military applications.  CTI tells us that their web-based TCPmaker user interface is very popular, and is generating a lot of customer interest for their products.
  • Group Alpha shows us a sophisticated fiber tensioning system that is used in the manufacturing of large carbon fiber based pressure vessels. They were surprised at how they were able to complete the project in record time, thanks to TCPmaker .
  • Lutz Doebrich in Germany has developed an experimenter board for his work, with a TCPmaker user interface.



By the way, let us know about your successes with TCPmaker .  We'd be glad to show off your work here on our website!