Sometimes you need to develop a product that can be monitored or controlled from a PC, which is located a long distance away from the hardware.  If you're in that situation, you're probably looking into Ethernet connectivity to your product, and ideally would like to be able to control your device from a standard web browser if at all possible. This means at least one function of your device will be an Embedded web server .

If you've started looking into what you will have to actually DO to control your device from a web browser, we bet your eyes have glazed over at least once already.  There are a LOT of complicated web protocols to learn.  Controlling hardware over the web with a small, inexpensive processor has been especially difficult, because, frankly, the web wasn't really designed with such devices in mind.


To make matters worse, up until recently when we developed the TCPmaker software tool, it was really hard to make a microprocessor device that could be easily controlled over the web.  Tools were expensive, difficult to use, and required a lot of specialized knowledge just to get started.

Our TCPmaker tool has changed all that, but if you're still not confident that you can develop the software yourself, or you just don't have the time, that's OK.  We can do it for you, quickly, and get your web interface up & running fast and looking great.

Why not give us a call, so we can talk about your project?