Need something special?  Windows software to control your hardware? USB? Embedded web devices? We can help you!

Consulting Projects We've Done

  • PACE IR3000 Rework Station

    PACE IR3000 Rework Station for replacing large ICs on dense circuit boards.  Dr. Bob developed the Windows software that controls this product.

  • Testing of Audio Device
    Testing of Audio Device

    Test of audio device that finds the start of notes played on a guitar.

  • Scheduler Software
    Scheduler Software

    Useful for scheduling and repetitively displaying ads or other notices. Easy to set up and simple to use. Items can be scheduled display at different intervals - the software figures out what should display next.  Items can start and stop displaying at set dates / times.

  • High Speed D/A Converter
    High Speed D/A Converter

    Digitizes RF signal at 50 Msamples/sec

  • Motor Control for Hospital Beds
    Motor Control for Hospital Beds

    PIC based microcontroller system to control motors that raise / lower head and foot end, vibrator motors for massage sequences. Also IR receiver for wireless remote.

  • Medical Training System
    Medical Training System

    Endoscope trainer simulates life saving operation -- trains doctors to remove object stuck in a child's throat.

  • Custom dsPIC Programming Firmware
    Custom dsPIC Programming Firmware

    Digital waveform of In Circuit Serial Programming of dsPIC by PIC18 device in same PCB.

  • Digital Power Monitoring
    Digital Power Monitoring

    Digital signal conditioner board layout -- precision remote measurement of a wide range of AC voltage and current levels.

  • Circuit Simulation
    Circuit Simulation

    SPICE Simulation of precision log amplifier.

  • Motor Control Schematic
    Motor Control Schematic

    Schematic of motor control circuit.



We can help you with your project by providing expert design & consulting services.  We are experts in:

  • USB
  • Windows software development to control hardware
  • Embedded Ethernet design
  • PIC microcontrollers
  • Adobe Flash in embedded design

Give us a call and tell us what you're trying to do!

How We Can Help You?

Trace Systems, Inc. can provide a full range of technical services, ranging from a little extra help for your project, to complete turn-key product development. Available services include product definition, design and simulation, prototype fabrication, and test and debugging in our own development lab.

We have the expertise, and the tools to do the job, in all major areas of your product’s technology. We can do digital, analog, and RF circuit design and test. We’re very comfortable with microprocessors and microcontrollers. We’ll also create software to control the hardware: embedded software in your device, and if appropriate for your product, we're experts at Rapid Application Development of Windows software to control hardware. Our approach is to provide the right mix of hardware and software, plus the spark of innovation, to meet your cost and performance goals.

We're professions who do this for a living, not "cousin Louie with the day job," who can only work on your project on some nights and maybe weekends.  We'll get your project done right, and without delay.

References are available on request.  Give us a call!

We’ll give your product a pleasant personality, and a very pretty face!


* You need expert help, but your in-house experts are tied up doing other work
* You need specialized skills that are not present in your organization
* Your staffing requirements are uncertain in the long term: you have work to be done, but you cannot commit to hiring a new permanent employee
* You need an impartial, objective evaluation of a planned project, or even a nearly completed product design

Here you can see pictures and descriptions of consulting work we have done for our clients.