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We have seen that TCPmaker Pro's Visual Page Designer can easily create attractive layouts with multiple pages of controls and displays. We found that it can be desirable to make your pages consistent with each other: a consistent use of colors, and consistent placement of navigation controls will make your layout look more professional and attractive.

We also saw that TCPmaker has a "Clone Page" capability that can save you a lot of time. You can spend time adding, positioning, and setting properties of controls on one page, getting it just the way you want it.  Then when you decide that you want to make another page that is very similar to the first, you can just click the "Clone Page" button to make an exact copy of the first page, with exact copies of all the controls on it.  It then becomes a simple matter to make small changes to the clone page, and save yourself a lot of time and effort.

There are limitations to "Clone Page," however. The biggest limitation is that it is a one-time copy operation.  If you make multiple clones of your first page, as we did in the previous tutorial, and then discover that you should have made some more changes to the controls first, then you'll just have to make those changes on all the clone pages.

Luckily, TCPmaker Pro's Visual Page Designer provides an even more powerful mechanism to "future proof" your multi-page layouts: the Master Page Template.


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