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You may be familiar with using templates or Master page layouts in other PC applications like Microsoft Power Point, Adobe Dreamweaver, or other programs.  If so, you should feel right at home with TCPmaker's Master Page Template.

If you choose to use a Master Template page with your layout (it's optional, and off by default), here's how it works:

You edit the Master Template page layout just as you would your regular pages, setting the page's background colors, adding Controls and Background Elements, and adjusting positions and properties of these items. 

The background colors of the Master Template page can be used on your other pages, so all pages can have the same colors.

The Controls and Background Elements that you place on the Master Template  page can be displayed on regular pages, in identical form on each page, in addition to any extra controls you might place on the regular page. 

You can choose, for every regular page, whether or not to apply the template page colors to that specific regular page.

You can choose, for every regular page, whether or not to display the template's Controls (and Background Elements) to that specific regular page. 

Those last two points are important. You can apply the Master Template to most of your pages, to give them a consistent look.  If you want, you can keep a few pages separate from the template, to give them a noticably different look. 

You might show those special non-Template pages only under certain unusual conditions: for example, a non-Template page might have a red colored background, to indicate an alarm situation.  This non-Template page would be intentionally designed to look so different from the regular pages that it is immediately obvious at a glance, even from across the room, that something is wrong.



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