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Fred's CNC Machine

Pictures of Fred's CNC Machine

Since we posted Fred's story, I have been nagging him to provide some photos of what he has done.  He finally send me this one photo, of one of his single axis devices.

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How Fred Got A Job With USB Skills from HIDmaker

This is a true story about one of our HIDmaker Heroes.

One of our HIDmaker FS customers, Fred, is a man who has a very interesting story to tell - a story that teaches important lessons about job interview strategy to us all, especially now in these troubled economic times.  The key lesson is that when you are looking for a job or a client, you need to tell them about ALL your applicable skills, even those that you might not think would qualify.  It doesn't matter WHERE you learn your job skills.  Please don't think you can only talk about things you learned in school or in a previous job. Skills you learned from hobbies count, too!

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