Please note that the PIC32MX795 family contains almost, but not quite all of the Ethernet circuitry inside the PIC32 chip itself.  The one part that is missing is the PHY chip - an external chip that interfaces directly with the signals that arrive from the PHYsical Ethernet connector.  The Microchip TCPIP Stack ver 5.25 supports two different PHY chips: a National DP83848 10/100 PHY chip (used in Microchip's PIC32 Ethernet StarterKit board) and the SMSC8720.

The PIC32MX795F512L chip also has 2 separate sets of Ethernet pins to connect to the PHY chip.  Microchip's PIC32 Ethernet StarterKit board uses the "Alternate" set.

To handle all the different combinations, our PIC32 Ethernet SUMS Bootloader provides you with 4 different versions of the bootloader firmware: one version for each combination of PHY chip and Primary / Alternate pin set.


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