So, which product is right for you? SUMS or USB Bootloader Pro?


In almost every case, we would strongly recommend the SUMS system. 

SUMS will protect the firmware you spent so much time and money to develop.  In addition to the encryption of your firmware so it cannot be stolen, SUMS also makes sure that your firmware can only be programmed into a device that matches these IDs:

  • A unique Company ID (provided with the SUMS system) that makes sure that your firmware can only be programmed into one of YOUR COMPANY'S products
  • A Model ID (that you make up) that makes sure that your firmware can only go into the RIGHT ONE of your company's products
  • A Serial Number that can make sure that your firmware can only get programmed into the device of an AUTHORIZED CUSTOMER, such as someone who has paid for the extra features that your firmware is delivering. 

These security features allow you to sell extra "personalities" and advanced features to your customers, confident that they can only be used by the one customer whose device serial number matches the serial number in the firmware file.

The SUMS system’s automated delivery system can save you tons of work in sending out upgrades, while still making sure that your firmware can only be programmed into the right hardware model, from your company, and only if that device is authorized to receive it.

The expandability of the SUMS system is another big reason to choose it. The fact that you can manage upgrades across different PIC processors and productivity types, just by adding different SUMS Bootloaders into your existing SUMS System, will "future proof" your product line.

For all these important reasons, SUMS is a major step formward in upgrade technology.

When Would I Use USB Bootloader Pro?

Use USB Bootloader Pro only in low volume situations that do not need security. Or, use it strictly for development purposes, where you don’t worry that someone could reverse engineer the unprotected hex files that USB Bootloader Pro knows how to read. 

Because USB Bootloader Pro has no mechanized delivery system, it will require a lot more effort to send out upgrades: you’ll have to collect all the files and email them to each customer yourself.   (This may not seem like a big deal, until you actually try it on a large number of customers...)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  USB Bootloader Pro bootloaders are NOT compatible with the SUMS System, because they do not understand encrypted firmware files.  You MUST buy a SUMS Compatible bootloader for use with the SUMS System.

"But SUMS Costs More..."

It is true that the SUMS system costs a bit more than USB Bootloader Pro.  That's because the SUMS System DOES so much more:

  • SUMS gives you a secure, encrypted system to protect your Intellectual Propery against theft
  • Its Company ID , Model ID , and Serial Number protect against your firmware being programmed into the wrong device or an unauthorized device
  • Only SUMS gives you a simple delivery system that saves you a huge amount of time and effort and money
  • SUMS manages upgrades for your whole product line, even if for products that use different PIC processors and different connectivity types
  • SUMS provides a seamless system that grows with your product line

The small price difference is trivial compared to the money you will save by having the mechanized, secure, expandable SYSTEM that SUMS provides.   Consider this: at normal engineering hourly rates, the small price difference (between the SUMS system and a single USB Bootloader Pro) wouldn't even pay enough to TEST all the extra features that SUMS gives you!

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Our customers find it best to get SUMS right away, during their product development process, rather than waiting until they have finished developing their device and their code.  That way, they can design their product, from the ground up, to take the fullest advantage of the power of Simple Upgrade Management SYSTEM . 

If you're in business for REAL, you understand that a mechanized delivery system and protection of your Intellectual Property are worth a lot more than SUMS costs.  The expandability of the Simple Upgrade Management SYSTEM means that you are covered for the long term.  Order a S.U.M.S Starter Kit now, and start building for the future!



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