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A String variable has a text property s that contains a string.  This property could contain a simple string like "Volts," or it could contain a C-style format string like this:

"%5.3f Volts"  

This string variable also has a property v that contains an argument list that is supposed to provide the Ids of the variables needed by the format statement. In this case, v would contain the following string:


At the moment, the Numeric variable "Pot1" whose Id is "n0" has the following property values:

  • sample integer value i = 120
  • micro side min value mn = 0, micro side max value max mx = 255
  • PC side min value pn = 0, micro side max value max px = 5

On the PC, the Numeric variable automatically scales the value to 2.353, and the string variable Sv0 whose Id is "s0" uses the format string in its property s to display "2.353 Volts" on this particular Horizontal Slider control.


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