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BigOpenQuote2I have been working some more with your TCPmaker and the more I use it the more I like it. It really makes the microchip stack an easier to use piece of software to actually use. Simple things like copy and moving a project around no longer cause the entire application to lose its mind and all its files.



I still am amazed by how quick and easy it is to rev the web pages and add content. I can't believe what a miserable experience the [old] way of doing the same thing was.


Its an inexpensive way to save a lot of time and still build a better looking product.


It also appears that one could easily do custom versions of the web pages for each customer if loaded on the eeprom with no software changes as long as the web pages only used a certain set of defined variables. If one client wanted his data on a graphical chart the same variables from a bar display could be re tasked with no rewrite of the main code and no coding the html from scratch for a graphical display.BigCloseQuote2

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Control Technology Inc.




CTI 700 Amp Power Supply

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    DC UPS Power Supply
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Control Technology Inc (CTI) is the industry leader in advanced ruggedized power supplies for military applications. CTI chose TCPmaker for the dedicated PIC web server in their products, to provide their customers with an attractive, easy to use network based user interface.

Model DC700 UPS Power Conditioner Features:


Unprecedented Wide Input Voltage Range:

The Model DC700 UPS/Power Conditioner has an input voltage range of 9 to 42 VDC.

Stable 28.0 VDC Output at Full Load of 700 Watts:

The Model DC700 provides a fully isolated and regulated DC output to critical loads in an electrically hostile


State of the Art Power Conversion Topology & Magnetic Materials:

The Model DC700 uses state of the are power conversion topology and magnetic materials to automatically

and instantaneously switch to either customer supplied batteries or CTI’s Battery Module in case the main Buss

DC fails.

Lightweight, Compact Battery Module Can Supply Up To Five Minutes Backup Time at Full Load of 700


CTI’s Battery Module Model LBM100, uses new technology safe lithium batteries for light weight, high energy

density backup support for the Model DC700 UPS/Power Conditioner.

EthernetPort Provides User Interface:

The Model DC700 ethernet port provides the user with all electrical parameters such as input/output voltages;

input/output currents; and operating status of both power conditioner and optional Battery Module

User Configurable:

The ethernet port allows the user to configure operational modes, limits, and shutdown sequences.

Rugged D38999 Connectors:

These connectors are provided to insure reliable operation in extreme environments.

IP-67 Rated:

Both Model DC700 and Battery Module are rated to withstand both dust and saltwater exposure.