"Smart-Glo" High Power Magnetron Filament Controller Using "HIDmaker"

Thumbnail image BigOpenQuote2 Yes, I will use HIDmaker from now on. Why use a shovel when I can rent a DitchWitch? One of the few things my dad was right about: right tool for the right job!


The next project is a really cool waveguide measuring tool.BigCloseQuote2

David Lawson

RF Technologies LLC





Smart Glow Magnetron Controller

  • Magnetron Controller PCB
    Magnetron Controller PCB

    Smart Glow hardware

  • Control Program in Operation
    Control Program in Operation


Later, David sent us another message:

BigOpenQuote2Hi again, Dr.Bob.

For the third project, HIDmaker just works!!!

thanks again.BigCloseQuote2

David Lawson

RF Technologies LLC