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Our HIDmaker FS customers love our HIDmaker FS usb tools for three main reasons:


Reason #1: Direct Transfer of Variables Technology

This technology gives you extraordinary power by letting you create data items, with names that are meaningful to you, and then using those data items as named shipping containers.

HIDmaker takes care of all the packing and unpacking and complicated USB plumbing for you, but it does so without limiting you.  You can still control everything, anything. But you don't have to figure out how to control it all, before you can even get something simple and limited to work.

Here's what one of our customers has to say:

BigOpenQuote2I just wanted to let you know that I just started using my copy of HIDMakerFS.  I have read your entire manual and experimented with the sample code.  I cannot believe how easy and intuitive this product is.


You have really boiled down the development process; I could not be more pleased or impressed.  I find the Visual Data Designer tool to be EXCELLENT.


The most difficult challenge for me has been to retrain my thinking of RS232 communication methods to the easy process you have developed of passing direct variables from the desktop to the PIC. Everything is so much easier now; I don't feel I really need to fully understand USB communications to develop hardware/software applications.


Kudos to you and your work for the development of such a powerful product, it's worth every penny and I could not be more pleased!BigCloseQuote2


Ryan Sheldon

National Control Devices




Reason #2: "It writes your USB code"


Define your data items, then let HIDmaker FS generate your code for you, in multiple programming languages on each side if you want.  This process only takes a few seconds, but because it generates code for both sides at the same time, it always gets everything right, and all the settings and factors are correct and consistent with each other.

Here's what another customer has to say, about our code generation:


BigOpenQuote2Hi, my name is Matt Hocking. Firstly I would like to congratulate you on creating this great USB tool. You should be really proud of yourself as it is indeed a high quality and well refined piece of technology. I programmed the microchip PICDEM USB FS board to transfer data and control I/O on my first attempt in 10 minutes without even reading your users guide, for VB.NET and PBP.


Very impressive! I was literally cheering!


I then read your users guide and was again impressed with how easy it was to understand your framework.BigCloseQuote2


Matt Hocking

Robotic Engineer




Reason #3: Expert, Actionable Tech Support


We are determined to help you succeed, so if you're a registered customer, we're just a phone call or email away if you have any trouble.

We can make this offer because our software is so reliable, and easy to use.

We help our customers and get them going fast.



BigOpenQuote2I wish I got this kind of support from everyone.BigCloseQuote2

Kevin Cessac





See For Yourself What Our Customers Have Accomplished With HIDmaker FS


We're really proud of what our customers have been able to achieve. They have used HIDmaker to generate initial peripheral side and PC side source code for their products (links below), and have then been able to customize the software on both sides to make it do what they want, and look great while doing it.

We think you'll be impressed with the nice jobs they have done - their customers certainly are!


  • The USBPGF-S1 USB Programmable Single Channel Instrumentation Amplifier and Low-Pass Filter from Allegator Technologies is a signal conditioning module for data collection systems.  You can use a USB connection to set the gain and filter characteristics of the device from the supplied PC software. (Made with HIDmaker FS , naturally!)
  • The OWI-535 Robotic Arm Edge from Images Scientific Instruments is a very inexpensive robot arm that can be controlled over a USB port using software that was initially generated by HIDmaker FS , and then customized by ISI.  The interface software allows real time interactive control, plus contains a built-in interactive script writer.  They have even added a speech recognition controller as well!
  • The SMC-04 USB Servomotor Controller from Images Scientific Instruments controls hobby servo motors over USB, and its HIDmaker-based PC software lets you either control each servo interactively with a slider, or you can write scripts to program a whole sequence of motions.  Their web site contains a video demo of the 4-channel servo system in action.
  • Noraxon's Telemyo 2400T telemetry EMG system includes a smart battery pack, which keeps close tabs on the status of the battery.  Noraxon decided to add USB connectivity (using HIDmaker) to the battery charger to allow a wealth of available battery information to be accessed.
  • RF Technology's "smart-glo" high power magnetron filament controller uses HIDMaker code for USB connection to a PC.  Check out the cool pictures!