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To make this easy to do, we've added the Control Message API to TCPmaker Pro. Most of these functions are located in a file called mtControls.c in the TCPmaker subdirectory that contains the generated code for each compiler for which you generate code.  That is, source code file mtControls.c and its matching header file mtControls.h is located in the same directory as mtGen.c and the generated MPLAB project directory, *.mcp, for each specific PIC compiler you choose in TCPmaker.

To conserve program memory, each of these functions is surrounded by conditional compile directives, so the function isn't compiled unless you activate its associated #define statement.

If you want to use a particular Control Message API function, just un-comment its associated #define statement, located just above its function prototype in header file mtControls.h, and then follow the directions in this tutorial to call the function from within your code.



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