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After pushing some buttons on the demo board, the appearances of the controls on the "Btns, LEDs" page of the TCPmaker content being shown on our PC browser change, as shown in the screen shot below:

  • Pressing the left button on the demo board has commanded the mode of the rectangular Pb button to be changed from momentary to toggle mode. This Pb button has been pressed once, to leave it in its active state.
  • Pressing the right button on the demo board has changed the active color of both the Pb button, and the Ld indicator next to it, to blue.
  • Pressing the second button from the left on the demo board has commanded the navigation button to change its caption to "Any Control", and its destination to the 3rd page in our sequence, the "Any Control" page.  If you press this navigation button now, the PC browser will go to the "Any Control" page.



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