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It will aid your understanding if we group these functions into categories:

- Set the color of a Tx text display
mtSetTextRom() - Set the text of a control
mtSetTextSize() - Set the size of text on the Tx text display

Position and Appearance
- Move a control in x direction only
mtSet_y() - Move a control in y direction only
mtSet_xy() - Move a control in both x and y directions
mtSet_rotation() - Rotate a control
mtSet_alpha() - Change transparency of a control
mtMoveControl() - Move a control and change its appearance at the same time
mtSetColorIndices() - Set both c and a color indices for a Pb or Ld control
mtSetColorIndex() - Set the cx (i.e, the one and only) color index for controls Hs, Bx, C1

- Go To A Page
mtSetButtonGoToPage() - Set the "GoTo" page (g property) of a Pb button control

- OK to transmit a control message to the browser?
mtSetButtonMode() - Set the operating mode for a button

Variables and Associations
- Associate an integer web variable with a control
mtSetAssociationNv() - Associate a float web variable with a control
mtSetAssociationSv() - Associate a string web variable with a control
mtSetFormat() - Set the format string and argument list of an Sv string variable
mtSetScale() - Set the scaling factors for a floating point Nv variable
mtSetScale_NoFloatLibs() - Set the scaling factors for a Numeric variable,
                         specifying the PC side floating point parameters, pn and px, as strings


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