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Sending Messages to Screen Controls

Sending messages to controls
TCPmaker Pro's Control Message API
Categories of Control API Functions
Control Message functions must be ENABLED before you can use them
Planning our demo app
Pages in our layout
Master Template of this project
Home (index) page of our layout
How the navigation buttons behave
How the navigation panel buttons work
How the Back and Next buttons work
The code we have added to the Next variable's Receive Event handler is shown in blue boldface type below.
How the buttons on the demo board do different things on different pages
Changing the appearance of controls on the Text page
The "Btns, LEDs" page
Changes to controls on the "Btns, LEDs" page
The "Any Control" page
Changes to the "Any Control" page
The "Variables" page
Changes to the "Variables" page
The "Context" page
Displaying the Time variable on the "Context" page
Displaying the Slider variable on the "Context" page
How we make a control disappear
Making a control invisible is not enough
Moving the control off screen is what we need
How did we get each button to do different things on different pages?
We use the optional sendButtons() function
Here's how the HandleBtnA() function is structured
Changing the Tx color with the pot
The HandlePot1() function
Exercise 1 for the student
In summary