Our Customers Say That Other USB Approaches Are "A Slow,  Miserable Experience"

Over and over and over again, we hear stories from customers about how the other USB programming approaches they have tried have really been a miserable experience. Before they got HIDmaker FS , they really had to struggle, often for months, with confusing sample programs and library routines, inadequate documentation, and little or no technical support.

Let's face it. Those semiconductor companies are really in the business of selling chips.  Any software they sell you or give to you has one goal only: to get you to buy their chips. They will try to give a few example programs, that "sort of" work in a few specific situations, and say "See?  It works!"  And since it was easy for you to power up their ready-made example on their demo board, they want you to THINK that it'll be easy for you to make your device.

But it won't be.

You see, before you can really use their code to make that device that YOU want, - you know, the one that sends different data and does different things under various circumstances - you are going to need to understand their sample programs and library code thoroughly: exactly what they do and why.  You'll need to "internalize" that software library: get to know not just what routines are in it, but when to use each routine, and why.

And adding new data items to transfer over the USB is usually a very painful experience with those other approaches: you usually have to change some data structures, and then you have to write code in lots of places to get that data in and out of the data structures. It just goes on and on and on.

All that stuff can take a lot of time. USB Programming projects contain a lot of details that all have to be correct and consistent with each other.  And since USB can be very unforgiving, you'll have lots of frustration along the way.  If you're lucky, the PC will just ignore your device when you don't get it right.  If you're not so lucky, it can take down your PC.

Eventually, people have enough of this, throw up their hands and say to themselves, "There just has to be a better way!"


Well yes, there IS a better way.  It's called HIDmaker FS .

It's why your competitor is beating you to market.

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