TCPmaker : Visual Tour    Making a New Project Based on an Existing One  

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1   Starting from a copy of a project
2   Our plan
3   Step 1: Review appearance of existing layout
4   Appearance changes we want
5   Step 2 - Copy files to clean new directory
6   Copy the files
7   Step 3 - Load new project file into TCPmaker Pro
8   Open the project file
9   This will load the project file, and advance to the "Select compilers" page of the TCPmaker wizard.
10   Change description and Device Class Name
11   Select compilers
12   Click "Design Your Web Page..." to enter the Visual Page Designer
13   Edit our layout in the Visual Page Designer
14   Setting up the Master Template
15   Determining background colors for the Master Template
16   Bringing up the Master Template
17   Setting background colors of the Master Template
18   Move controls and background elements to the Master Template
19   Move item to template
20   Verify that the item has moved to the Master Template
21   Caution: Z-Order is important
22   Continue moving background elements and labels to Master Template
23   When we're done with the index page
24   Our Master Template at this point
25   The index page with Master Template applied
26   Add some navigation buttons to our new Master Template
27   Add a new page that uses our Master Template
28   Save and test our layout
29   Using Beyond Compare 3 to copy "real I/O" code to our new project
30   Select the Left Directory for Compare
31   Compare to "TCPmaker"
32   Beyond Compare 3's side by side comparison of directory trees
33   Comparing two files side by side
34   Comparing two MORE files side by side
35   Multiple comparisons available at once
36   Summary
37   Final comments about Beyond Compare 3