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To get a visual indication that this item has moved, try un-checking the box "This Page Uses <template> Elements" on the Commands group panel (arrow 1).

  • When you un-check this box, the element you just moved should disappear.
  • When you check the box again, you should see the item reappear.

If the appearance doesn't change when you un-check and check this box, then you didn't successfully move the item to the Master Template, so go back and try again. (Remember that you must actually drop down the list on the dialog box and select your new destination page, or the item will not actually be moved.)

As you continue to move other items to the Master Template page, it will be helpful to un-check both of the checkboxes pointed to by arrow 1.  That way, the item will seem to disappear as soon as you move it to the Master Template, and you will know right away if you successfully moved the item or not.

Before we move any more items, be sure to read the next page of this tutorial.



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