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When we click the Compare to "TCPmaker" menu item on the second directory, Beyond compare comes up showing the two directory trees side by side.

You see files on both sides, and some directory icons that you can expand as well.

There is a color scheme for file names that conveys information:

  • A file name shown in black is a file that has already been compared to a corresponding file on the other side, and has been found to be identical.
  • A file name shown in blue is a file that has no corresponding file on the other side.
  • A file name shown in red is a file that has the same name as a corresponding file on the other side, but which has a newer date than the file on the other side (and thus may or may not be different).

Folder icons use a similar color scheme:

  • A folder colored blue contains at least 1 file that is not present on the other side.
  • A folder colored red contains at least 1 file that is newer than the corresponding file on the other side.
  • Sometimes a folder can be colored partly red and partly blue, to indicate that both of the above conditions are met.

You can very quickly copy multiple files from one side to the other by:

  1. Selecting one or more files or even one or more whole folders on one side,
  2. And then clicking the yellow arrow on the tool bar that points to the other side. 

This is a very powerful tool for building up a disk image of the software that you will be deploying to your customers.

You can very quickly compare two corresponding files by simply double clicking the file on one side or the other.  This will compare the two files side by side, as we saw in the previous tutorial, and allow you to quickly copy groups of lines from one side to the other.

Let's do that now: we'll double click on the file mtGen.c on the left side (red arrow).


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