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At this point, we continue the process of selecting and moving the rest of the background elements to the Master Template.

Follow these steps:

  1. First, print an Item List Report to get a record of the Z-Order of the items we wish to move
  2. Select an element we want to move
  3. Right click on this selected element to bring up a popup menu
  4. Click menu item "Move selected item to page..." to bring up the move item dialog
  5. Explicitly drop down the list of destination pages from the drop down list, to actually move the item
  6. Close the "move item" dialog
  7. Verify that, if the checkbox "This Page Uses <template> Elements" is UN-checked, the item should disappear, indicating that it has been successfully moved.
  8. Repeat steps 2-7 to move other items to the Master Template
  9. Use menu item Edit | Edit Master <template> to view just the Master Template and all items you have moved to it.
  10. When all items have been moved to the Master Template, use the Z-Order button on the Commands group panel to put the items into the correct relative Z-Order in the Master Template.
  11. Use the Go to Page drop down list to select the index page again
  12. Re-check the checkboxes "This Page Uses <template> Color" and "This Page Uses <template> Elements" and verify that the layout looks correct when the Master Template is applied to this page
  13. Apply the Master Template to any other pages in your multi-page layout. 

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