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We find that Beyond Compare is an ideal companion tool for TCPmaker and HIDmaker, and believe it is highly useful for anyone who does software development.  The new version 3 has added a lot of new capabilities, and the ability to compare the contents of many file formats that you just couldn't compare before.

In addition to the uses we have shown you in these tutorials, we find that Beyond Compare is extraordinarily helpful in putting together a distibution image for your software: a set of files and directories on your development PC, that forms the model for the disk image that you will install on your end users' PCs.

Making a distribution image is work that has to be done carefully and correctly: any slipups at this stage can cost you a lot of unnecessary tech support calls, and can give your company and your product a bad name.

Because Beyond Compare combines (in one program) the ability to look at (and compare) multiple files, with the ability to copy them, this tool really helps you get this job done right. You can easily check and make sure that you are putting the right version of every file into that all-important distribution image.

We use Beyond Compare all the time, and we highly recommend it.



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