In order to be able to effectively use HIDmaker, you will need the usual software and hardware that is necessary for developing PIC microcontroller projects, AND you (or a team mate) will need to have one of the PC compilers that HIDmaker supports.


Basically, you will need:

  • One of the USB PIC processors that HIDmaker supports, mounted on a known good circuit board that has a working USB interface. (We strongly recommend that you use a known good commercial demo board when you try out HIDmaker for the first time.  We guarantee that our generated code works, but that brand new circuit board you just designed may have some problems.  Using a new software tool like HIDmaker for the first time, with an untested USB circuit board design, just makes things needlessly complicated.)
  • One of the PIC compilers that HIDmaker supports.   This is needed to convert the PIC source code that HIDmaker generates for your project, to an executable form of compiled firmware (usually a hex file) that can actually be programmed into your PIC processor.
  • A programmer or debugger device, that can program the compiled firmware into your PIC device,
  • We strongly recommend that you use Microchip's free MPLAB (MPLAB X or MPLAB 8) IDE to compile and debug your PIC firmware (HIDmaker generates an MPLAB project file for your project, to make compiling and testing quick and easy),
  • One of the PC compilers that HIDmaker supports.  This is needed to convert the PC source code that HIDmaker generates, into a Windows .exe file that can actually be run.
  • And a Windows PC with at least one USB port.  You will need this to run the HIDmaker code generator program itself, and for testing your USB PIC project.
  • If you intend to sell or otherwise distribute your USB device, you will need a unique Vendor ID and Product ID for your device.  Although there is usually a cost for this, you may be able to get permission (at no cost) to use Microchip's Vendor ID when combined with a Product ID that Microchip will assign to your product.  See the HIDmaker FAQ page for information about obtaining the right to use a Vendor ID and Product ID.

And if you want to "kick it up a notch," download our free guide to the tips, techniques, strategies, and mind set that will turbo charge your USB development!

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